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Life 2.8

l a u r a
glad I'm nearly finished with my Masters degree
not so glad I've got lupus
a horseback rider, horse racing fan, and dog lover
a little bit of a shopaholic (at times)
always reading something
obsessed with traveling
rarely without my camera
a big fan of being outdoors, despite the fact that my body hates it
into social media - it's what I do for a living
planning a wedding :)

My journal...
is a collection of daily happenings, random thoughts, pictures, reflections on "stuff", and whatever else I feel like spilling
contains a lot more than 11 miscellaneous facts about me

"It requires a very unusual mind to undertake the analysis of the obvious." - A.N. Whitehead

"On the back of a horse I felt whole, complete, connected to that vital place in the center of me...and the chaos within me found balance." - Tami Hoag